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Dear Parishioners:

Take a look around Immaculate Conception and you will see God’s hand at work. Our parish is growing – in size, ministries and outreach, thanks to your generosity in recent years. As your pastor, it is my goal to ensure this growth continues, so that we may transform lives through an encounter with Jesus Christ.

What does this mean? It means introducing new programs and ministries to support the changing demographics of our parish. It means looking outside the physical boundaries of Immaculate Conception to invite others to join us in knowing God’s love. Simply, it means touching more lives, more hearts and more souls than we currently do.  And we can’t do this without you.

Our parish staff takes pride in being faithful stewards of the hard-earned dollars you donate to IC via your offertory giving. We employ a rigorous budgeting process to ensure funds are allocated in a meaningful way to support our areas of focus: worship, education, faith formation, social concerns, community life and, of course, physical property. In so doing, we have avoided repeatedly asking for more to meet our regular expenses because you have made giving to IC a priority in your family budget and, for that, we are extremely grateful!

We recognize that family finances may change over the course of the year and your ability to give to IC may be hindered due to such circumstances. Conversely, if you have been blessed with additional resources and can increase your pledge to our parish – or if you are able to make a pledge for the first time – your commitment will go a long way in helping us bring the Word of God to all those who desire to know Him. No single pledge is too large or too small. The bottom line is to be as generous as possible, trusting in God’s providence to provide for your financial needs.  We kindly ask you to take a moment to print and complete the Offertory Commitment Form below and return to our parish office at your earliest convenience.  Click for Offertory Commitment Form

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to IC. Please be assured of prayers for your abundant blessings today and always!

In Christ,
Father Matt Hoover